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With Love and a Pat, we will arrest you for the sake of Love!
ラブでパパッとタイホします! みんなの愛、守るため!

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Police x Heroine Lovepatrina! (ポリス×戦士 ラブパトリーナ!; Porisu × Senshi Rabupatorina!) is the 4th instalment in the Girls x Heroine series. The themes of this season are love and police.


The 4th instalment of the Girls x Heroine series was announced via Oha Suta on May 28, 2020. The show was then announced to finally air for July 26, 2020 on Oha Suta on June 25.

On July 7 via AniReco TV, the show confirmed the idol unit lovely2 will provide the ending theme.

On November 22, 2020 an "Lovepatrina Online Fanmeeting" was held on Zoom where fans could interact with the girls. During this event, they announced that they would release the second Girls x Heroine movie titled “Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!: The Movie” due to release on April 29, 2021 but was postponed to a later date due to the pandemic.

It was revealed on January 13 that Lovepatrina are to be included in the “ニチクジ!みんなで変身タイム; Sunday 9am! Transformation Time with Everyone” line up alongside anime “Earth Granner”. Furthermore, Lovepatrina is said to appear on March 28’s broadcast of Earth Granner for Episode 51. Likewise, Earth Granner’s Granner R and Granner K are to make an appearance in episode 32 of Lovepatrina on March 7.[1]

On January 27, Lovepatrina were announced to start "Lovepat Tube" on their YouTube channel. Starting from February 5, Lovepatrina toys will be sold as part of Happy Meal's in Japanese McDonalds.


"Police x Heroine Lovepatrina! With love and a pat, we will arrest you! We will protect, everyone's love!"

"Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!" are lovable heroine's who will protect the love of everyone! When you call the Lovepat 110, they will dispatch at once from the secret headquarters!

In order to bring back the love that has been taken away from people by the Warupyoco Dan, even now, they must Love Arrest evil with a pat!

With the fluffy and cute Lovepyoco and Director Loveji, Lovepatrina must protect everyone's love!



Secret Headquarters

Warupyoco Troupe




  1. The Lovepatrina still shoots with the first three members were taken on January 7, 2020.[2]
  2. This is the second series to have the order of pink, purple, blue following after Miracle Tunes. Phantomirage has a similar color scheme, but blue was second.
  3. This is Toshiyuki Toyonaga's second series to be the narrator, however, this time he is also the main villain.
  4. Lovepatrina is derived from the words "love" and "patrol".
  5. They are the second series, followed by Phantomirage, to use an alter ego.
    • This is not including MagimajoPures! who also have an alter ego, but it's their jewel names.
  6. It is assumed the show was supposed to air around July 5 after Phantomirage which finished on June 28.
    • In episode 1, Tsubasa's diary had the date July 5.
    • Following episodes include the dates aligned with their supposed airing.
  7. This is the second season where the main idol group do not provide their openings, instead being provided by Girls2.
  8. According to Keiji Kuroki who plays Director Loveji, the show began filming in December but was halted due to Covid-19.
    • On Twitter, Kuroki tweeted that he will film Lovepat again for 3 days on June 28.[3]
  9. Unlike the previous seasons, Lovepatrina does not take place directly after Phantomirage. Where Phantomirage is from 2019-2020, Lovepatrina is 2021-2022.[citation needed]
  10. Lovepatrina are the first series to use their “final mode” as the series’ visual.
  11. Unlike their seniors who usually appear in their own season first, Lovepatrina made their first appearance in Phantomirage’s movie.
  12. This is the first season to not feature their idol outfits in any of their endings.
  13. When Director Takashi Miike was asked about why the Lovepatrina sing and dance rather than fight like traditional "warriors", he stated that the scriptwriter Yoichi Kato put an emphasis on "violence isn't always the answer" as one of the basis of the series. With song and dance, nobody would get hurt and the love within the songs would give "healing".[4]
    • Takashi Miike further explains that the Lovepatrina focus solely on "healing" their foes rather than "fighting" them. To be able to portray "healing", they added more emphasis on their songs and dance, even more so than the previous series.
  14. Lovepatrina have the least amount of episodes, with 48.
  15. In the English dub of Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Ranger, the Lovepatrina's catchphrase is said as "Police and Heroine Lovepatrina! With Love and a Pat, we'll arrest you. This we do in Love's name!"

Also Known As

  • 警察X战士爱心巡护 - China
  • 刑警x戰士美少女

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